How it Works

Checks-N-Advance loans are easy to obtain. We understand there are times we all need a little lifeline. Our application process is fast and easy. No credit checks. Simply complete our application and provide the documentation. You will like doing business with us as we treat you with respect and privacy.

Most of our applications are submitted, reviewed and completed in less than an hour.  Interested borrowers need only to complete the application and provide us with any supporting documentation requested.

Once approved, borrowers write a check to Checks-N-Advance for the total loan amount, plus the fees for the loan, per the terms of their loan contract.  The fee assessed is determined by the amount borrowed.  See our Rates & Terms page for more details.

We hold the loan repayment check until the borrower’s next payday.  Once payday arrives, we deposit the check and the loan is successfully repaid.

Checks-N-Advance is your neighborhood Storefront loan office. Don’t risk your confidential information by applying for an online payday loan. Just come to our office today where we help you face to face, with respect and discretion.